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General activity of DCI CZ
The whole activity of Czech DCI happens with the active cooperation of children and youth with close connection to the children parliaments. Their position in the state is not as clear as it should be and that is one of the main idea of which DCI stands for – support of children parliament in the society!
From the year 1990 DCI CZ has organized 13 national seminars about the Convention and its observance in the Czech republic. Many recommendations and suggestions for state organs have come from them also as petition of the participants. Most of the materials from the seminars have been printed and spread to various NGOs and state institutes.
DCI also with the support of the state institutes and NGO foundations has published 2 publications containing the Convention with the documents from the General Assembly UN about children.
At the bidding of international NGO Group for the Convention on the Rights of the Child closely cooperating with the Commission for children rights UN, the Czech section has taken part in supplemental reports of the NGOs in the Czech republic for the Commission for children rights UN. We have been preparing the 3rd and the 4th supplemental nongovernmental report for UN right now.
The various activities of DCI are based on volunteers. We do not have any paid workers nor representative space for our organization. The activities of our members are spread to the working groups as we want to focus on more themes. As a result of cooperation with other NGOs in 1997 the Coalition of NGOs was created.
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