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Structure of DCI CZ
The structure of the Czech section of DCI is divided into 3 categories: General Assembly, Executive Board and working groups.
The General assembly meets once in two years and elects the executive board and also decides about important decisions of organization (activity plan for next period, total amount of memeber fees etc.)
The executive board conducts the organization and it has members elected by the general assembly. The executive board is responsible fot the realization of the plans and programme.
The list of current executive board members for the period 2011-2013 is here.

Working groups are the independent parts of the organization but it has the obligation to regularly inform the executive board about its functioning. The working group has to have at least 2 members. The working groups carry out concrete tasks which lead to fulfil the aims of the organization. Currently these working groups exist:
  • Youth/Participation
  • Education and leisure activities
  • Social and health field
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