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Welcome to the new websites of The Czech section of Defence for Children International. These web pages are still under development and its content has been actualized continuously. Thank you for your understanding!
6.8.2011 Find out more about DCI CZ in the Newsletter of DCI International here!
25.7.2011 What are the new reccommendations of UN to the Czech republic? Click here!
11.7.2011 Our chairman published his own article in the national newspaper!
1.7.2011 TIP! Click on the underlined text here in Actualities and you will be redirected to the concrete information!
30.5.2011 Would you like to meet our volunteers from the project FiftyUp?
15.3.2011 DCI CZ elected the new executive board, you can see the list here!
5.3.2011 On 21 February 2011 DCI CZ held the 16th national seminar about the monitoring of the Convention in the Czech republic. 
9.2.2011 Are you curious about our Alternative report? Click here to find out more!
20.1.2011 We have created new section Monitoring of Convention, one of our main tasks!
15.10.2010 DCI CZ is a proud coordinator of the project Grundtvig! Learn more here!
7.3.2010 On 25 February 2010 DCI CZ held the 15th seminar about the fulfilment of the Convention in the Czech republic!
6.2.2010 Look at the new information and websites of the organization Defence for Children International!
5.4.2009 Find out more information about our working groups!
11.12.2008 We updated information about the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
21.11.2008 On 20 November 2008 DCI CZ held the national seminar about the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
14. seminář DCI 14. seminář DCI14. seminář DCI
5.6.2008 Look at our Activities, we added the description of our Alliance of the NGOs.
DCI Newsletter - January 2009 - document concerning information about czech section activity, availiable in three languages on pages (page 2 and 3). 
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